Our assemblies are characterised by their high quality. For this high quality advanced transmission technology is essential. Through high contact quality and a strong corrosion resistance we attain extended lifespans of more than 100 million revolutions. The low transfer resistance and the high transmission quality allow the deployment of these components in numerous situations. There are different types of transmission, which can be adapted to each application:


This transfer technology enables the transmission of very fine streams and signals as well as of performance (power).

The slip-rings are polished and coated with a special gold of 400 Vickers hardness.

The signal is scanned by a spring system with at least 2 gold contacts per contact track.

This gold / gold combination is the guarantee of corrosion resistance and of high contact quality. Due to the high contact quality transmission of very small currents and signals is possible. Thus, for example Fieldbus signals such as Profibus, CANopen®-signals are transmitted smoothly. The components are maintenance free and ensure a reliable and long lasting operation.

High Speed

This is the most advanced of the three transmission techniques. It is achieved by a pair of multi-layer gold with a special Goldcontact speeds up to 20,000 1/min. We guarantee a long life time and high transmission quality due to the special combination of materials.


The oldest of these transmission techniques is the one with carbon brushes. It is used exclusively for the transmission of electrical currents.

Slip rings with carbon brushes are characterized by a very robust design. They are particularly suitable for power transmission in simple applications, for example in turn-cranes, carousels, in round-clearers (Rundräumern) at sewage treatment plants and many other similar applications.

Depending on the application, carbon brushes of different materials and in different designs are used.