16 years of Field Reports

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Company “Weidenhammer” testifies to its experiences with RIE-TECH slip-rings:

“Today was the day:

The first RIE-TECH slip-ring that came in our factory for use, was replaced ! After more than 16 years, in our company which is working with 2 and 3-shifts.

The slip-ring with the S.No. 9654722 was originally designed to transmit 24V signals to the PLC inputs. Later, the facility was converted to an ASI bus system. The ASI signals were smoothly transmitted too. The last reconstruction was on PROFIBUS. Although the slip-ring was not designed for this use, it transferred the data, the last 3 years without any problems. The Profibus signal now sadly deteriorated so much that we changed the slip ring.

That’s what I call quality!

In the last years, we have bought machines with integrated slip-rings – unfortunately not from RIE-TECH. We have to change these machines every year! The machine seals an aluminum membrane on to a composite can. The sealing machine is a rotary press with eight heated processing stations. The set-point and actual temperatures are exchanged via Profibus. The slip ring transmits the power of the radiator and the Profibus signals.”

The company Weidenhammer is a medium sized company with around 1000 employees. It is number 1 in Europe and one of the world leading manufacturers of composite cans, composite drums and plastic containers.